Friday, June 8, 2007

Confederates Take The Shriver House

Gettysburg , PA – April 25, 2007 – On Saturday, July 7, 2007 from 5 to 9 pm Confederates will occupy the home of George and Hettie (Weikert) Shriver just as they did in July, 1863. This time visitors are invited to talk to the soldiers to learn “first-hand” what occurred during those three days of terror in the streets of Gettysburg . Hear how Hettie took her two girls, Sadie (7) and Mollie (5), to seek safety outside town only to find herself deep within the battle lines.
This living history presentation provides visitors an opportunity to speak with Confederate soldiers as they prepare for battle. Watch the sharpshooters as they occupy the attic, fire muskets at their enemy on Cemetery Hill and, in some cases, take their last breath before meeting their maker. Visitors can also see where Civil War medical supplies and live cartridges were discovered during the restoration of the Shrivers’ home 133 years after the fighting ended. After visiting the make-shift hospital set up in the summer kitchen at the conclusion of the tour, visitors can share a root beer with the soldiers in Shriver’s Saloon and meet some of Gettysburg ’s “local” citizens who also have harrowing stories to share. The Battle of Gettysburg encompassed not only the surrounding countryside but the streets of this historic town as well. This is the only reenactment to take place in the streets of Gettysburg .
The Shrivers’ home was painstakingly restored in 1996 and is now open to the public as a heritage museum. Tours offers special insight into the lives of the people of Gettysburg and how the Civil War, and in particular the Battle of Gettysburg, affected them. The story is told through the eyes of the George and Hettie Shriver whose home was just a few months old when the Civil War started. The tour also gives a glimpse into the lifestyles, customs, and furnishings of the 1860’s.
The Shriver House Museum has earned numerous awards including the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s Historic Preservation Award. The Museum has been used as a filming site for PBS, A&E, HGTV, BBC, CNN, and The History Channel. For additional information on the Shriver House Museum , please call 717-337-2800 or visit us at