Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shriver's Story to be Published

The Shrivers’ Story
Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg

Due to be introduced during our ninth annual “Confederates Take the Shriver House” living history program on July 5th, The Shrivers’ Story: Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg is the true story of one family who called Gettysburg their home in 1863 and how the Civil War dramatically changed their lives forever. The story of George and Hettie Shriver, although certainly fascinating and unique in its own way, is typical of the average citizen, and by extension, reveals the harrowing civilian experience itself.

Very little was known about the Shriver family prior to the restoration of their home in 1996.
But after twelve years of researching the family, though there are still many unanswered questions, much has been learned about George and Hettie Shriver and their two children Sadie and Mollie.

To enter the Shrivers’ home today at 309 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg, is to step back in time. Those who walk through all four levels of the house - from cellar to attic and some seven rooms in-between - are able to visualize what life was like back in mid-1800, south-central Pennsylvania. So much more is now known than can be told during a thirty minute tour of their home. In response to numerous requests over the years for more information about the Shriver family, we are happy to announce the up-coming publication of The Shrivers’ Story: Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg.